Critique my new and updated portfolio

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Hey Hugh! Looks great man. I did have a couple suggestions / comments. Let me know what you think!

With your name fading in, make that just happen a little bit faster. If a user is presented with a big blank screen, their first thought is to scroll down to get to the content. I almost completely missed your name fade into view!

Love the font choice.

Maybe instead of using the actual CodePen iframes, you can just use a picture or icon representing your projects. Otherwise the user is presented with a bunch of CodePen buttons that don’t actually contribute anything since the windows are so small.

Finally on mobile, maybe it’s just me but your hamburger menu button doesn’t expand to anything. Also, the codepen iframes hijack my scroll behavior which is a no-no. Perhaps add the no scroll class to those iframes on mobile.

Was there anything you really wanted to add but couldn’t figure out? Otherwise, great job man! You have a nice eye for design.

For quote machine, sometimes the background is only a white screen. I like the changing images, but it’s not clear that the images have anything to do with the quotes themselves, which makes the thing a little puzzling. But technically nice.

The weather app did not work for me at all on code pen. It just says “loading”. Do I need to copy it to a different browser?

The calculator is fine. This is just my opinion, but one should be able to enter "-.34 * 3, but the first part, “-.” is treated as an error. Also, after doing “=”, one should be able (I think) to enter an operator and continue with the calculation.

The tribute page is not complete, and there is a long column of * p at the end, so I cannot comment.

Twitch TV: when I click on a green box, nothing happens - no video. I do like the look of the initial page.