Critique my project: Skyrim Quote Generator

This is my first React Project! It’s my first attempt at making a decent useful app. And it’s dedicated to all of you Skyrim fans.

I’d really appreciate you to critique, roast or suggest improvements to my project. Learning to code can sometimes be a lonely journey!


Hi nerdifico.

After a while the background goes white (see screenshot), then it goes back to normal, then back to white etc… This is in Safari (so may be different in other browsers).

I also found the background distracting while I was trying to read the title, especially because the words were over the border between two images. In general, I don’t think having more than one image viewable at once looks good.

I’m also getting the “page using significant energy” warning after a while.


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Thanks for the feedback! I have finally decided to make a single static background because so much change would be an unnecessary distraction for the user. Plus, I fixed some bugs related to the background image size.
Current version of the project:

Yes, better. Now I’m actually reading the quotes.

The static background tiles on large screens. :slight_smile:

I guess instead you could have the one background image, and a static colour beyond that (where the tiled images would be).

Or possibly set it to fill the screen. :slight_smile:

Then you might get pixellation at larger screen sizes.

Hi nhcarrigan & WillWhite!

I am coding with a laptop and I couldn’t see that issue, so I feel really grateful for your feedback. Now I understand the importance of optimizing my site for different devices. I have tried to fix it, let’s see how it goes:

Now there is only one image that fits the screen vertically (and no more repeating tiles) and, if you have a very wide screen, you can see a black background.

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Nice work! I should mention it also looks great on mobile. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks nhcarrigan! Luckily I have a smartphone and I can test the projects there.

BTW is there a way to see how the website looks on larger screens if I am working on a small laptop?

This is giving me a lot of Nostalgia! Can’t beat the classic guard quotes!
Nice work!

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I used to be an adventurer like you, so I can totally relate!

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