Critique My Website

@Alveek, Thanks for the feedback. Which transitions are giving off that delay? I’d like to see if I can do something about it.

Hey Midnitedev,

First, I must say that I personally find the design very appealing. When I was looking at your site I know you said you’re working on somethings to speedy it up. I think that would help tremendously. There is a longer that necessary load time. There should be a way to cache previously loaded information when clicking a link to help speed that up. If you were to have a lot of traffic that were potential clients you may lose them due to page load time alone.

In addition, have you thought about adding attributes to the links at the top of your page. For example, when you hover over the phone icon, besides the icon, someone may not know that it is your contact page. If you have a box pop up that says “Contact Page” when someone hovers over the link that will be able to navigate your website better.

I had started learning html in highs school and quit learning shortly after I graduated high school. I was working full time plus going to school full time for business. Since 2008, after my oldest was born, I haven’t touched HTML. since 2008 and I hardly remember anything that I previously learned. I thought I’d work sales positions my entire life as that’s what I have been doing. I am realizing more and more that my calling is in web design/development. I was originally going to go to college for Computer Science but wasn’t ready to dedicate myself.

Thank you for the inspiration. Although you were asking for help looking at your website has me pumped up to get through these lessons. FreeCodeCamp does a great job of giving the information but I do feel that in order to really “get it”, doing a few additional projects that incorporate more of what the lessons teach I’ll be putting myself in a better position.

Good luck. I’ve got your page bookmarked and will check back occasionally. Sorry if there’s any typo’s pulled an all nighter for work.

Oh hey XxAshezxX. I’m happy that you like my design. Thank you for the tip. I initially had some text on the bottom underneath the icons denoting the icon attribute but removed it since I felt it was easy enough to understand. I realize now its not as easy :smile: to know what it does. You’re idea sounds much better because it doesn’t take up space on the actual layout and at least the user won’t have trouble to figure it out. I’ll try that implementation.

And I’m glad to hear my work has inspired you in some way to get back to web development. For me, personally, FreeCodeCamp has pushed me working through projects that I never thought I’d be able to do or finish, like the dungeon crawler, tic-tac-toe, d3.js projects, etc. But I dedicated myself to completing this achievement no matter how long it took and now I’m on to the next step. No matter how frustrating it is sometimes, it’s still extremely satisfying when you figure it out or finish it.

Good luck on your journey! One thing I’m starting to learn is that everytime you finish a project, share it on these forums or any like-minded communities. You get feedback on some things to improve, things that really stand out and hopefully, another source of opportunities that will get you to the position you want.

First off, great job. Here are some things I saw.

  • get rid of the marquee. They are completely unpopular now and are hardly used anymore. It’s just an old style of design.

  • the marquee section should look like your boxes just under the following banner. The purple just looks bad and doesn’t match with anything else on your site.

  • your Look…, Unwind…, etc. boxes should match the boxes under Full-stack… and not have the same BG color as your banners.

  • all of the icons and the top and the entire footer, icons and text, should be white to match the rest of the text on the page. Remember, you should have 3 colors max on your site, preferably 2.

  • when you get enough projects to add to your website, you should replace the entire Full-stack… section with those projects. Employers don’t really care what tools you used, just that you completed a project. When you add in your projects you can add in which tools you used for that specific project in their description. It’s organized better that way.

I have been using hosts since the late 90’s and have used all of the major name brands. The company that I found the least amount of issues with, and the one that I personally use, is SiteGround.

You can trust these guys. Their customer support is the best in the business and I only trust recommending these guys to clients. They are a little expensive, but I have never had an issue that wasn’t resolved in 24 hours or less. You can try the rest, but trust me, these are the guys you want. Check out their WordPress Hosting here. If you are not going to use WordPress at all in the future, check this out.

Great job and keep it up!

@geekysmurk Thank you sir for your suggestions! I’m unfamiliar with what you mean by marquee sections, so I looked it up and I’m assuming that you mean that section title in black background surrounded by the red borders, or I could be wrong and it could be the rolling carousel thing which holds the 3 boxes (unwind…, look…, buy…). I hope you can clarify that since I’m not too familiar with that term.

I’m really bad at contrasting colors since I don’t have a graphic designer’s eye, but I was experimenting with the colors here so thank you for that tip with 3 max colors. I tested the boxes white background with black on the font and it looks nice. I’ll try that out and just go with the blue color on the borders.

I actually have a different page for my portfolio ( and the reason I placed it in a separate page from the homepage is because I’m anticipating multiple projects to add in the future and it might make the homepage too bloated if I put them on there. I’m already having issues with the loading time.

And finally, thank you for that tip on SiteGround. I checked out the links you included and looked up some reviews too. I’m gonna see if I can transition to them since budget is a little tight right now.

The marquee, as it’s called, is the purple box with the left and right buttons to switch frames; it could be called carousel, but that’s what I meant.

Basically, you want to have one color for the important stuff like your header and other things that you want to stand out. Then you have a second for all of your text and icons, like you have on the top and bottom. The third color is you background for everything.

For color contrast, here is a great tool to help you with the contrasts. It’s called WebAIM Color Contrast Checker. Color is actually something that takes a good deal of time to get perfect. To help you with a color scheme, here is a tool to help you generate color palettes called Coolors. Here is another great tool called Canva that will create a color palette from a pic you like.

As far as your other page you listed for your projects goes, and like I suggested before, change all of your icons, text, and box borders to a shade of white. It will be easier to read and will look better.

I would keep it to your BEST 9 projects. That way you can stack them 3x3 and will look good on my screens.

Great response!