Critique my websites and CV. A little lost on my next step

I’ve been learning web development for a couple of months now but I am a little lost on my next step. My end goal is to get a job as a web developer (probably on the front-end) here in the UK.

Marshall’s Website
Church Website (temp link)

Not sure what to put in and leave out in my CV, I feel a lot of it isn’t relevant for a job in front-end development.

Do I have to make a portfolio website? Should I start applying for jobs? Or should I start another project first?


Would you hire an artist who didn’t have a portfolio?

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I would put more work on your form for the website, if you are not good with css yet, don’t be ashamed of using bootstrap or semantic ui.

I also would build a personal portfolio where you can add your projects to and links for github etc.

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Thanks, anything more specific I can do for the form ?

Making a portfolio website now.