Critisize my portfolio

Hi i will like some honest feedback on my portfolio project. your advises are highly appreciated, thanks in advance. link

I think it’s nice. But if i had to speak from a consumer’s end, I’d say the UI needs some work. Apart from that, everything looks great

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It looks like you have a few broken links in the Work section.

Its pretty good. If you change the color of the text boxes on the survey form, it will become more readable.

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I don’t see any broken link, my be if you can be more specific. thanks

I am sure you mean red color on the survey form, can you suggest any color? thanks

thanks a lot, i am working on that, if you have any suggestion you are more welcomed

The text inside the inputbox should be legible against the background. You can try different contrasting colors, but normally its grey against a white background because its very user friendly.

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yep thats how its showing for me too, revisit that Fanie

I need some help here, i copied project screen images to dropbox and use that link in the project seems it is not working, how can i find a way to copy those screen shots link into my projects and they work out fine.:thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth: feel stupid… thanks in advance

Images stored on drop box are private and cant be accessed by your link openly. They need to be stored in a public domain.

I would also change the order of links into the nav bar to About->Work->Contact. It feels more natural that way. Otherwise, good job. Happy coding

hi i have tried github, please check if link on projects section are working fine.

yepp thumbs are showing now

It works well on my iPhone. No broken links I see. Technically works great overall. I agree the UI could use some work though.

Hi @Fanie! I see that you have worked hard and with great dedication in your projects, congratulations! :clap::clap:
I highlight the good responsiveness of all of them.:ok_hand:

From what I see in your work (you experiment with colors, patterns, animations, etc.), I think you are a creative person. And creativity can be a very useful skill for a web developer!

I recommend you study basic notions of graphic design (color, space, typefaces, contrast, etc.) and practice a lot, to keep polishing your talent more and more.:muscle:

Cheers and happy coding!!:keyboard::slightly_smiling_face:

@MartaFagundez thanks a lot I am busy studying basic web design. are there any courses or books that you can recommend?

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You are welcome!:slightly_smiling_face:
In my case I study reading specialized blogs, videos / courses on YouTube, tutorials, classes in Skillshare, etc.

Graphic design is a very broad field in itself, but having basic knowledge seems essential. Layout & composition, color theories and typefaces seem important to me to begin with.:wink:

@MartaFagundez, @jenrodrigues, @TheFool, @ZTD, @gbsolomon1, thanks guys for your advises i rework my UI and came up with this, your feed back is highly appreciated, thanks again.

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