Crochet Product landing page

Hello all, I have submitted my product landing page and it passes the tests.
However I am not happy and would like a bit of help.
The header is fixed as per the instructions, however I can’t see all the body links underneath it. In particular I can’t see the email summit form, it is there in the HTML but can’t be seen in the actual webpage.
Any ideas where I have gone wrong?

Hi @kiwimadge, some things to help you (and help us),

  • verify your email addr with codepen so that we can see your pen in full page view
  • you have HTML elements above and below the <body> </body> tags that should be within those tags.
    • note that codepen only expects the code you’d put within the <body> </body> tags in HTML. (No need to include the body tags).
  • you have a huge image logo which makes what you call your header very large. Since you’ve added no padding to anything below it, this header will cover things. To see this just remove one letter from the from the IP addr of your img-src and you’ll see your alt text. This in turn will shrink the header and you’ll be able to see the email entry area.
    Hope this helps.

Thanks for that information. Wasn’t aware that my email hadn’t been verified so have done that.
If I remover one letter from the img-src I can no longer see the image, however you mentioned adding padding, so could I add padding onto the main body to move everything down?