Cross-platform stack: what is a real good choice, from Web to Mobile and from functionalities to SEO?

Hi to everyone!

I’m at the beginning of the study of React and its world. I’m quite proficient with Express JS.

I was asking myself: is there a real cross-platform technology stack which can really be good for any purpose and respond to any needs, at this moment?
Yes, I know, there are many solutions, nowadays, that can let you develop something good, from the Web to the Mobile and/or Desktop environment. I wanna concentrate the attention on the Web and Mobile (IOS plus Android), spaces. At this point, I can go with one of the usual stack: React and React Native; Angular/Vue/React/Vanilla JS and Ionic; Flutter; NativeScript, and so on.
The point is: any of these technologies give you what we already said and has its pros and cons.


In my humble opinion, there’s a ‘but’ (I don’t know if it’s correct saying so: I’m not a native english-speaker person; well, sorry for my english!)…
Let’s say we wanna use React and React Native. So we’d have:

  • ReactDOM, for the Web part;
  • React Native, for the Mobile part.

That’s wonderful. But… If you have to deal with SEO and marketing, React (as any of the other JS front-end frameworks/libraries), with client-side rendering, is not indicated. At least, in the React ‘pure’ form. To face this problem, you should consider pre-rendering or server-side rendering. So, you can go with NextJS, which helps you in resolving the SEO problem (I’m trying to simplify). … But it’s not ideal for the Mobile aspect.

In a nutshell: is there something that fits for developing an app for the Web (that is the foundation: a dynamic, data-driven application needs, at least, a backend Web base for data APIs, account registrations, etc., unless you want to make something that stores small data on the device, or something like a timer app, which is only interaction and GUI), for the Mobile, without being bad for SEO?

What do you think about all this stuff? Thank you for your attention! :grinning:


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