Crowdin partial strings in LearnToCodeRPG

Hi, Inside script.rpy, for example, there are strings which are broken in 2 due to a period or any other breaking puctuation and then the first part of the sentence is translatable while the next one is marked as deleted, adding a screenshot:

So, in the attached example I can translate "Hi there but not the rest of the sentence, I’m getting a notification that this string was deleted.
You can try it here:
Switch to the WYSIWYG mode (The symbol with three horizontal lines at the top of the strings list).
BTW it happens with many strings, this is just one example.


Hi @yaron, thank you for letting us know.

We are looking into what’s causing this. As for now, could you proceed with translating the strings that don’t have this issue?

Thank you for contributing to the translation effort! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@sidemt Absolutely, thank you!

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