Crunchy Ltd. Landing Page - what do you think?

Hi again guys!

I have just finished my landing page project. It passes all tests and CSS/HTML validations, so I would love to hear your opinions now :wink:

Making everything responsive was a bit of a struggle, and so was, surprisingly, the navbar.

Here it is:

I will appreciate any comments!

Nice looking page @kubus0212. Good job!


Thank you @Roma!
I’m pretty happy with it now. I just wonder how I’m going to judge it let’s say in a month :smiley:

@Roma and all other Folks, I have two more questions.

I did these hovers on the product photos to show a description. It is fine on desktop but:

  • I’m not sure about accessibility/screen readers, is it readable? Should I add :focus to the styling?
  • While on desktop you generally hover over stuff and you will see the change; on mobile you have to click it on purpose which I think is not very intuitive. Do you think doing such hovers is simply stupid and should be avoided, or maybe it would be good to add some ‘click me’ text in the photo to emphasise it?

Thank you for your time!

I’ll be totally honest @kubus0212, I’m on a laptop and I missed the hover until you mentioned it. It’s not intuitive. Maybe the name of the bread under the picture that’s a link that will have the same effect as the hover.

I see. Thank you @Roma , that’s insightful!
I think I will add a little bar at the bottom of the photo with something like ‘more info’ text on it which will encourage people to click/hover. I will think about it.

Thanks once again!

Hi @Roma :wave:

I added a bar/fake button at the bottom of the photos. It might not be a perfect solution but I think it is better than before. What do you think?

Thank you for all the help.

That looks cool. Nice job!

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