CS Student who is lost

Hey guys,

I’m currently a freshman studying CS whilst working full time on the business/operational side at one of the FAANG companies.

I don’t know where to start to be an SDE, a friend recommended me to grind on FCC while studying the fundamentals of CS at the university because they don’t give you that much skill to be able to work after you graduate.

What should I do? I mean now I’m grinding on FCC and whats next? what should I do while working in a department I really found out that I didn’t have the passion for, leaving the company would mean the end of my tuition fees too. I feel burnt out.

Is there some kind a plan for freshmen to pace up their skills? anyone can help?

A long time ago I worked at a very large phone company , and I hated it. That specific company had a policy that if an employee quit, even in the best of terms, that company would never re-hire that employee in the future (even for a different position).

If you ever hope to work for your current employer again you may want consider that a lot of places won’t consider you for a job after you have left them once.

Regarding feeling burnt out, remember you’re in a marathon not a sprint. Learning a little every day for years will be better than trying to master everything too quickly and getting mental fatigue.

There will always be new techs and tools to learn, the important thing isn’t that you learn everything, but that you learn the skills needed to be able to learn anything, there’s a big difference.

Best wishes in whatever you decide to do.

Don’t leave the company without you finding a replacement job… that way you will not have to worry about tuition fees… Or maybe ask for a vacay for awhile and try to relax from being burnt out.

You study. You do your school work. If it’s working for you and you have the time, you also go through the freeCodeCamp projects. While you’re at school, you get to know other CS students and your professors. You join clubs related to programming. You go to career fairs and resume workshops and industry meet-and-greets. After a year or two, you get a summer internship in your field. The next summer you get another one.

I would guess that most college students don’t have any passion for the jobs that are getting them through school. Most can’t afford to leave those jobs. If you work hard and hustle, you may be able to continue an internship through the semester, but even if it pays well enough you would no longer have your tuition covered.