CS Thesis Ideas

Hello guys,

I am a front-end developer looking for a project idea. This summer I will graduate from college and I need to turn in a project of my choosing (web technologies for me) and it should present a little bit of advanced logic.

Any ideas are welcome and thx for tacking the time to think about this for a second!
Live long and happy coding!

What level thesis? Masters, doctorate? What sort of skill set do you have?

Last year about this time, I was tutoring a woman in Scotland, working on her Masters, who was building a front-end survey form designer. Ended up being a complete end-to-end solution, with survey creation, the ability to track surveys, multiple retakes, survey heatmaps, the whole thing.

Ended up evolving into an exercise in building an authenticated RESTful API, database structures, handling collections on the front end, and (as she wanted the entire thing to be library-agnostic) built from scratch. We custom-built a solution for MVC, we created a front-end store along the lines of Redux (without a full react library), just a lot of code.

Not saying you have to do something that elaborate, but what are your particular skillsets? What are your interests? Start with what you know and what you like, it will make much more sense.

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Side note…that sounds very cool. I started a feedback form from a tutorial to get a handle on learning express and node, but whenever I do any tutorial, I take it further and try to evolve the project into something more. This gave me a lot of ideas to run with :slight_smile:

It started because her professor referenced a discussion I’d been having with ANOTHER college student in the Philippines along much the same line. She was trying to work out how to have a mechanism to:

  1. dynamically create questions on a survey, and
  2. dynamically change the TYPE of question (true/false, multiple choice/, essay)

A first draft of that was posted on jsfiddle, and it was REALLY rough. But this Scottish student and a few of her classmates reached out. Told me their professor had referenced what I’d written, and they were baffled.

So then it sort of escalated. :wink:

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