Cs50 problem sets

Just curious is it bad practice to watch the walkthroughs? I started going through the course since Wednesday and have watched all the videos and shorts since week 0 and am almost done with problem set 2. I’ve realized that the problems seem to be very common sense once the videos are watched. Is it cause they’re basically giving away the answers?

No, it’s not. Note that majority of CS50 students don’t have a CS background (they say so themselves), so some hand-holding is expected. I watched some of the walkthroughs when I was stuck.

Ok, I think this is the imposter syndrome in me kicking in a bit. Like whenever I push past roadblocks and finish a project or an algorithm, I feel like I only did it because I was able to look at the resources available.

CS50 gets pretty damn challenging later on and I don’t think using the resources they provide you is bad. You should always give it a go by yourself but it’s not like the videos tell you exactly what to do. You’ll still have to work for it.