CS50x Final Project - Design Comments Requested

Howdy all :grinning:

My final project for CS50x is finished and submitted. But I’m not happy with the overall aesthetic. Design isn’t my strongest area.

I’d love to get your feedback/comments on the design. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Project overview
The app is a Twitter sentiment guessing game. You have to guess if a random Twitter user is positive or negative in their Tweets.

The backend is built with Python/Flask (I have a blog post explaining the entire stack, if you’re interested in that side of it).

The frontend is plain Bootstrap 4 and jQuery.

I find the main gameplay area pretty dull and old feeling. Any thoughts on how I could improve this?

Would love to check it out but on first page, it’s already asking me to enter a username and password / create a new account.

sorry, that’s just too much friction.

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Test account:

Username: a
Password: a

I get that 100%. Adding user authentication was mostly for the learning opportunity.