CSS animation help needed

girl in shutter
Hi fellows: I’m doing a page which need to make the animation of a girl in the shutter in CSS, the shutter need to rotate while the girl need to keep steady.

I wonder if anyone can have the code for it?

thanks for all of your time and effort.


All the triangles need to be separate pieces positioned on top of the photo then animated to the closed position. It would be better to do it as video then create an animated gif.
It’s a bit unfair to ask others for something this complex.

A quick google gives a slightly different aperture effect.

thanks for giving link bro. Years ago, when I learn flash, I know there’re ways to get this done without being so complicated. Now I’m doing web creation course and I’m expected to creating something in CSS. & I feel CSS is far more complicated than flash. Which to me is like after Adobe monopoly the market, technology is going back, which I don’t believe it’s the case. Or do the same thing shouldn’t be more difficult than 10 years ago.
otherwise why we need human civilization? just grab a knife and jump into the wild forest…
right bro?

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