CSS, Bootstrap- understanding grids

In my pen i need to right align the following elements: WIND SPEED hr tag and the wind speed value. Now i know using the class text-right would achieve this but its not happening. Additionally, i would like to know whether the property col-xs- determines a div’s position or its width.

Hey, have a look at the Bootstrap documentation.

U wrapping with col-xs content inside. U are making grid of ,number u provide, collumns, max for row is 12 ( if u set 12 then grid will take full width of parent. Your class for align right text should be on div ( that is parent of text ) instead div that wraps ( div with class col-xs )

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do, but perhaps the bootstrap class pull-right would work?

<div class="pull-right">Here is all of your content</div>