CSS challenge error

does it mean that i can no longer practice from free code camp?

You can most certainly practice on freeCodeCamp. You can use VS ,no problem.

i didn’t get ya. how do i proceed now? i dont know whats wrong with my code.

Your question has nothing to do with the conversation in the other thread, so I have put it into its own question.

Please provide your full code for the challenge and a link to the challenge you are working on.

it isn’t allowing me to do so saying i’m a new user.

Please post your full code. Screenshots are not helpful.

this is all i can do. the chat box isnt alloing me to paste the whole challange code.

That’s still not helpful. I can’t reproduce what’s happening from a picture.

What do you mean “the chat box isn’t allowing me to paste the whole challenge code”?

There should only be one <style></style> element with all the CSS inside.

Reset the challenge and add the CSS you already wrote again right below .smaller-image style, then add the class to the image element. Do not add a new style element or change anything else.

I think you should make it 2px solid green on one border style property

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