CSS Code - Transfer to Website Confusion

Could somebody please help i am close to pulling my hair out.

I am simply trying to transfer the CSS information from the inspection Tool, to my additional CSS Template on our WordPress Website.

I am having difficulty in understanding what to transfer, to create the changes i desire.

Any help would be most appreciated

The changes have been made, under the element section, removing the left and right padding on the video element - i am simply having trouble understanding how i can transfer this to the backend of my website so the live website can see the changes. Thanksyou

where is your site hosted?

if you only put your css in the inspector (ctrl+shift+j) youll only see the changes on your end no one else will see it and it wont ever get updated. copy the css selectors and style rules you want and paste the in the area in your screenshot that says "customizing additional css. " press save or update…

you know, many ways to set css in wordpress, theme files, elementor, standard theme editor, custom css plugins etc… depending on what exactly your using… as wordpress is very customizable. open incogneto or if its still not refreshing is caching issue

The Website is hosted on siteground - Wordpress

This is the issue i am having i can not find the css selector, for the element - the website link is as follows https://fijiultimate.com/2020/07/19/7269/

I am trying to remove the borders around the media only, in the previous snap shot, i found the location and the code i need to change but not the name of the location so i can add the following code

element.style {
padding-left: 0px;
padding-right: 0px;

Thankyou guys for getting back on this, really appreciate it,

Not sure I fully understand what you need. But according to your screenshot above, you want to remove padding on your .container div? So, in your style sheet on the left (“Additional CSS”) you would overwrite .container styles, like:

@media (min-width: 730px) {
     .container {
          padding-left: 0;
          padding-right: 0;

That should fix your problem. Just be careful that the change has not some nasty side effects else where on your site.

i love you, perfect, instantly done, thankyou so so so so so much- your a star. Much appreciated, my hair is safe for another day, thanksyou so much, I will check the whole site, but looks good.

Moved the Logo as well to the left, causing a slight issue to apperance will have think about this, any suggestions would be appreciated thanks in advance

Did it, thankyou every one for your help

.trawell-cover-video .container {
padding-left: 0px;
padding-right: 0px;
Thankyou for your guidence