CSS code working in Dreamweaver, but not in Chrome

Today i wrote in two simple textboxes to fit properly with the rest of a webpage. When test viewing from Dreamweaver in both Chrome and Firefox, the end result is exactly how i want it.

However, After uploading, the code for these specific textboxes does not work properly in Chrome.
It does work in Firefox.

Is this just an issue with Chrome? The most annoying part is that the other textboxes work fine, and these aren’t different save for the font and some margins.

I’ve added an image showing the comparison between dreamweaver chrome view, and uploaded chrome view, along with te code for the text boxes that are causing trouble. Sorry for the format, I just created an account and i can’t upload more than one image. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I must add, I have no prior experience with coding at all. I figured working on the company website is a nice free way for me to gain experience! Sadly, this also means i often have no idea what I’m doing