CSS Color Course has a bug

I was on the CSS Color course and the 48 step has a bug when it asks you to change the background property, I did what is asked but it keeps saying that is wrong; the code is this

.red {
 background: rgb(255, 0, 0);

I was using Safari , and I went to this forum to look for this topic, but I just saw a topic from 2018 were people was saying that Safari is having issues, but it seems to me that 4 years later it keeps having the same issues with Freecamp.

So, I just went ahead with the next steps, and even I advanced until step 62 but, when I went back to the course page, it showed no progress, I am still in the step 48.

Also I noticed with the HTML course that were steps that are not marked as completed when they are. So am confident to say the it has some bugs.

I will I appreciate if someone can give me a tip or a hack to how void this in the future, because I am going back to Chrome; but I don’t know if I another browser is the chosen One and that’s why I’m facing this issues.

Thank you.

I think you already figured out the tip: switch to Chrome :slight_smile: There are known issues with Safari. Not a ton of them, but probably enough to be annoying.

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Thank your for your super fast answer haha I really appreciate. I am going to do that then, I just wanted to be sure that with Chrome I would do better.

Thanks again, (Eres la Hostia tio!)

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