CSS Colored markers steps 49,60,66

freeCodeCamp does’t like my answers to steps 49,60,66 in the CSS colored markers course? When ever I am stuck I just jump to the next step to look at the correct code so I can jump back and fill it in so I can get the completion mark on that step. But those steps don’t like the answer from the next step aswell. What should I do and who should I contact?


Are you using an Apple device, your code might be correct it’s a problem with Apple :apple: . You can go to the next step for now, if you are sure that your code is correct.
This has happened before in a similar post:

Ya Im on a Macbook. Ya I am very sure that the Code is correct. I hope this Problem doesn’t keep happening.

Thank You very much.

If you are using Safari, change to a different browser.

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