CSS Display Property


The FCC curriculum seems to be missing a tutorial on the css display property (inline, block, inline-block, etc.). While going through some of the lessons I noticed some of them referencing the display property as if the topic had already been explained in a previous lesson. Am I missing it somewhere? This property along with ‘position’ seem to be my biggest problem areas.

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Relative positioning
Absolute positioning
Fixed positioning

There are also sections on using float or grid to position elements.

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I did those but I’m looking for a lesson on the display property and all its relevant values. This is such an important part of learning CSS, so I’d be shocked if there wasn’t one.

FCC introduces the property and it’s available values and how they differ, but it doesn’t go into detail about the different ways to apply them. For the most part, the way FCC works is that it gives you the basic introduction and foundation to build on. Through experimentation and third-party resources, campers deepen their understanding by working to achieve specific goals (starting with the FCC projects, but often for personal projects as well). This is true of CSS, JavaScript, React, and all other topics covered by FCC.