CSS Framework survey form

Any feedback requested. Alas, the survey is not actually working, plus I know I left a number of choices off. Thanks, https://codepen.io/lhwitherspoon/pen/eqPyjN


You have used semantic HTML, this is great! I dig the font that you picked also and I think the color scheme is alright. I am not very good with picking colors and I am sure it could be better, but it’s better than some I have done. The container is fitting and provides enough margin / padding.

The border radius looks a little strange, you should be able to change it by changing from a percentage to a unit such as px, em, or rem. I think that the * Required should appear within the form somewhere instead of outside near the footer. The message box allows you to resize it beyond the screen and can be considered a nuance. This could also be improved by adding a min-width, max-width and min-height, max-height to the textarea.

Overall I think you did great though, keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback, good suggestions. Re color schemes: Jim Krause’s Color Index series are my guide here. Font is a new one from Google Fonts, Lexenda Deca.