CSS grid - DIV's as radio

@lasjorg I’m just coming back on this one for a sec.

In your example which I’m trying to implement i’m unable to multiply the filling (which in my case is a topping) and i’m not finding how to do that in the code (still need to learn a lot about js, that’s why I was following the other form calculation to learn.

Why do you need to multiply anything? If it’s similar to the cake example, it should be adding, which is done by this function in @lasjorg’s code:

const getTotal = prices => {
  return prices.reduce((acc, next) => acc + next);

If you don’t follow the logic, I recommend reading MDN’s article on Array#reduce.

@lionel-rowe In my case it’s multiplying for a topping ex: 2 times topping 1 (1.25$) or 12 times topping 2 (1.75$)

I’ll look into the documentation. thanks!