Css grid in a full size image background/ carousel

before I start to code my client website for a personal trainer and promoting the gym, I am just planning the layout by watching videos, tutorials, blogs, taking notes down to get a full understanding of what I should do using JavaScript, CSS, etc… One thing I am focusing on is using CSS Grid and Flex. For maybe the header of my page, I was thinking to use a full background picture of the gym (maybe a carousel so there will be ongoing moving pictures to show the whole gymnasium) but was thinking to use a CSS grid for the background-cover imager so I can direct the logos on the bottom left of the image, using JavaScript to fade in the text. Is this a good way to start using CSS grid? Just trying to think of how I want to layout the full image but displaying text without using to much of positioning or margin. But before I start my full work of code just want to ask questions to get a full understanding of CSS grid. Thanks.