CSS is not working doing final challenge

I am doing one of the final challenges for HTML - CSS and have been thinking I am going insane. I finally cut out all of my CSS thinking I must have forgot everything I learned because nothing was working. I then put in one simple CSS styling and double and triple checked to make sure I was putting it in right. It did nothing and I checked it against anything I could find online to say that I made a mistake. My wife is also going through the same challenge too and her CSS is not working as well. Something is broken on the FCC wysiwyg in the CSS editor. Can someone figure out what it is or how to get in contact with who takes care of it because I literally thought I was losing my mind. Thanks!

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Did you link the css to the html document?

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

It would be helpful to everyone, and to investigate the error, if you would use the 'Get Help . ’ buttons on the legacy curriculum.

I’ve noticed the help thing doesn’t seem to be in the new design of the curriculum. I can’t find it if it is. I’ve purposely failed the things to try and get it to test it and couldn’t, the ‘get help’ button doesn’t appear in the new UI.

Try doing it with the legacy (old) curriculum interface and use the help button if it fails so we can see the code you typed and ran.

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