CSS Layout Concepts


I am getting confused with CSS layout topics (float, position, display, Flexbox, and CSS grid). I finished the FCC lessons because they were easy, but my concepts are not clear.

Are there good books/online resources that focus on CSS layouts?

Should I proceed with the projects? Will projects clarify the concepts?

Thank you.

Don’t waste your time with float.

Learn grid and flexbox & that will cover about 90% of your positioning problems.

After those 2, learn about position: absolute, relative, fixed. Then you’re done.

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My answer would be yes. They start simpler as well and as you apply the concepts they make more sense. E.g. the first project “Tribute Page” is for the most part a list with an image. So there aren’t that many elements and it is a good place to start getting your feet wet.

As far as resources go, these gamified exercises helped me solidify grid/flexbox concepts:

And I find these cheatsheets handy …

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