CSS layouts. How to build a web page?

So I started digging into css(actually I’m newbee) and realized that it is more difficult than I thought, when you’re trying to build something attractive. So I watched some tutorials and learned about three “methods” how to build web page - float, flex box and grip.
Are these only methods how to build web page or there is a framework that I didn’t learn yet? What method do you prefer and use often and why?

You don’t need to pick one. Each has its use depending on what you’re doing, you can use all of them in one project for example. Do some tutorials on youtube, so you’ll start to connect what you see with how you do it.

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So it’s a normal practice if I use flex and grid on one project? For example flex for navigation bar and grid for main contact? Or if I use 2-3 grids on one page?

Yes! You can and should use as many flex and grid’s as you need :+1:

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