CSS not responding in Personal Portfolio

Hey guys, was wondering if someone could have a look at my code. Not sure what I am missing, but when I try to edit the directions and content of my CSS, none of them seem to respond to what I enter. Feel like I’m missing something obvious here :sweat_smile: Appreciate any help


Can you be a little more specific about what CSS rules aren’t behaving as expected?


If you run your CSS through this validator, you will find a small error. I’m not sure if that’s what causing your problems–but I find it helpful to use the validators when things aren’t working.

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Hi @Doomdave!

In addition to the errors in your css, you have some errors in your html.

Run your html code through the html validator https://validator.w3.org/

Then if you have any more issues with the css, you can give us specific examples so we can better assist you.

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Hi ArielLeslie. When I’m trying to use things like ‘Justify-Content’ and ‘Align-Items’ The value I’m using isn’t causing any of the actual text/images to change position

@Doomdave, you have quite a few syntax errors in your HTML code. Run it through the W3C validator and correct the errors before you try styling.

For instance this
<p><img class="tribute page img" src="https://i.postimg.cc/43p80H9k/Screenshot-17.png" alt="Tribute Page" div-id:"tribute-img"></p></div>
is incorrect and you will not be able to style the #tribute-img until your code is correct.

And I believe I’ve mentioned this to you before,
Do not use the <br> element to force line breaks or spacing. That’s what CSS is for.

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Looking at your HTML, I might suggest you go through the Basic HTML & HTML5 part of the curriculum again. A little repetition is never a bad idea when first learning.

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