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I’m working on my second project (Survey Form) in the Responsive Web Design curriculum and have completed the HTML for it. However, when I attempt to add CSS to the CSS processor, it won’t run. Is there an issue with my HTML that’s preventing the CSS code from being applied?


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There’s no issue, just remove the <style> tag and it will work. <style> tag is to embed a CSS. which means You would be able to embed and style an element in your .html file. And the best practice is to include <style> is in the <head>.

This is just how CodePen works, you don’t include <html>, <head>, or <body> tags in your markup (all of the content of the “HTML” editor is placed inside a <body> for you behind the scenes). In the case that you need to add things in the head (though you usually don’t), there’s an input inside the dialog that opens when you click the gear icon.

Likewise with the “CSS” editor, you can just start writing CSS, no need for the <style> tag.

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