Css position property

hello fellow coders
i just want to arrange my starting letters in my paragraph in one line can you tell me how to do it please.

can you give an example of what you are doing and show the code?

hi i have post the link.thx

thanks for posting. Is your question about this?

    <h5>the country of thousand hills</h5>

you want them to appear as one sentence?
Simply create css selectors for each one and specify that they have
display: inline;

no i want all paragraphs to be in one consecutif line from up to bottom.

sorry I’m having a hard time imagining . Can you list exactly which html tags you want to appear in the same paragraph? Maybe give an illustration?

ok i want them to be like this.thx

So, I think the best thing for you is to learn how to use the grid layout and then that will help you get the column layout you seem to want.
here’s a link describing how to use grid layout in detail. It should help you get started.

thanks a lot for your help.