Css psuedo selectors by building a balance sheet

IM STUCK ON STEP 11. PLEASE HELP!! css psuedo selectors building a balance sheet.

Step 11

Within each of your new th elements, nest a span element with the class set to sr-only year. Give them the following text (in order): 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Give your third th element the class attribute set to current.

Leave the td element empty. This element exists only to ensure your table has a four-column layout and associate the headers with the correct columns.

my code

2019 2020 2021

did you do these?

alway try to include ‘step’ url instead of writing ‘step instructions’ its more interactive that way :slight_smile:

still lost. i did that im still getting the same result

also it will be hugely useful if you include that as well!!

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