CSS selectors to style elements error

On https://www.freecodecamp.org/challenges/use-css-selectors-to-style-elements if I view the page in landscape mode on my iPad the end of the page is truncated and there is no way to scroll to read the end of the instructions/submit the challenge.

The page text ends at this point: Note that it’s important to have both opening and closing curly braces ({ and }) around each element’s style. You also need to make sure your element’s style is

Flipping my iPad to portrait mode does allow the entire page to be viewed/scrolled though.

If there isn’t one already, please create a GitHub Issue.

Oops. I stated that there is no way to scroll in landscape mode, but there is — it just isn’t obvious you have drag/scroll on the text itself. Does this still warrant an issue being opened for it?