CSS stops working after a certain point?

I’m working on my portfolio page and can’t seem to get CSS to work on the HTML after a certain point. Styles earlier in the code are applied, but when I try to add new ones, changing the CSS code changes absolutely nothing, no matter I put in there. I think I’ve checked for typos and missing semicolons, but nothing is popping out at me… Thoughts?

Can you give us a link?

Thanks, now tell me what you want to do so I can try too/

well, if you look at the last section, I’m trying to make the background of the portfolio section white with black text.
if I copy and paste the code further up the page in CSS, it works, but I’m not sure where the problem is

I may be wrong but it looks like you’ve got missing and extra closing tags. The </nav> tag is missing I think, and then you have a bunch of </div>. This alone would be enough to mess the CSS.