CSS Technical Documentation Page

Hey! So I completed my Technical Documentation Page and I’d like feedback.

I also ran it through the validator and it gives this error.
Screenshot 2021-06-03 105354

I checked and the </p> end element does correspond to an opening tag. So I am confused as to why it says so?

Hi @khaonlaakni !

I think your page looks good on desktop but there are some issue for smaller screens.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.01.24 PM

As for the error message, I don’t think you should wrap your ol and ul lists in p tags.

For example,

  Before starting this module, you should have:
    Basic familiarity with using computers, and using the Web passively (i.e. looking at it, consuming the content.)
    A basic work environment set up as detailed in Installing basic software, and an understanding of how to create and manage files, as detailed in Dealing with files.
    Basic familiarity with HTML.


You are treating those p tags like divs. Move those end p tags at the end of the sentence just before the beginning ul tag.

Hope that helps!

Oh I’d actually designed that page considering mobiles first and was confused as to why it messed up, but it was just a media query issue that I sorted out. Thanks for pointing that out!!

I also changed the <p> tag to <div> and it works.

Anything else that seems weird or out of place?

Thanks for all you help!!

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