CSS translateY issue

Hey guys

I am having one issue where translateY(-100%) with overflow:hidden property is still at the bottom of the page, creating a scrollbar even though I want to hide it. It’s my .about section.

However, the similar .slide-down section is hidden from the viewport like intended.

Clicking on about Jennie is creating the animation FYI.

Can someone help please?

Link: https://shimphillip.github.io/Jennie-solo-comingsoon/

source code: https://github.com/shimphillip/Jennie-solo-comingsoon/tree/master

Great looking site! Props.

I think the overflow: hidden should go onto the parent element of .about section (.right). That gets rid of most of the scrollbar, but some will remain due to the bottom section.

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Thanks! that sounds like it will work. I guess it was too late to code last night haha.