CSS undoing progress, but the work is done

Hi, I asked 3 days ago if I went to previously done lessons and took notes, would the progress reset. I was told it wouldn’t, but on my CSS lessons it seems to have done so. When I look at the entire lesson it shows that I have 36/44 done, but when I click on the actual individual lessons that are marked complete the check marks that appear to the questions that are completed are undone. I’ve literally clicked on the “BASIC CSS” title from lessons that the site says is incomplete, just for them to be marked complete on the other page. If anyone can help me with this I’d really appreciate it.

You replied to my last question so I was wondering if you could help with this

HI @GoodNGo !

Once you have completed a challenge it should be marked complete and not reset itself.

But even if it does for some reason, challenges don’t count towards the certification anyway. Only projects do.

Since challenges are technically optional, you can just pick up where you left off. It doesn’t matter if it is marked complete or not.

I would just remember the last lesson you were on can keep going through the curriculum.

Hope that helps!

Very well. Thank you for responding.

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