Curly braces and arrow funcs

(apologies it’s late here and i was struggling a while…)

can we never use braces in an arrow func?
if i try this with {…} (as is shown i thought in MDN?) it just returns false always, but after many wall head-buttings it works fine without curlies!

myStr.every((val, i)=> val == myStr[myStr.length-i-1] )
not work:
myStr.every((val, i)=> {val == myStr[myStr.length-i-1] )}

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You can use curly braces to define a function block, but when you do that you need an explicit return statement.

myStr.every((val, i)=> val == myStr[myStr.length-i-1] )

is exactly the same as

myStr.every((val, i)=> { 
    return val == myStr[myStr.length-i-1];

it’s so easy to forget stuff you already learnt.

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