Curly brackets on the keyboard

How do i get the curly brackets on my keyboard.

Unfortunately it depends a bit on the keyboard you are using, as there’s no accepted mapping across nationalities.

For my current device, for instance, it’s:

  • alt gr + shift + [ to open a curly brace

  • alt gr + shift + ] to close it

You may need to look up which keyboard layout you personally use, but it’s definitely worth the search. Copy pasting curly braces is truly a rough alternative.

I did try copy and paste, but instead of the color being blue, it comes as red.

You should be able to copy and paste as plain text with control + shift + v.

This way you remove the original styling of the copied value.

I did. didn’t work. it only picked the first curly bracket

got it thanks man for the help

Glad to be of some assistance :slight_smile:

Does your keyboard have curly braces on it? Mine are to the right of the letter “P”.
What language is your keyboard? What language is your computer? What operating system are you using?

What language/country layout is your keyboard? You’re definitely going to want to type curly braces instead of copy-paste them every time.

thanks guys I figured it out