Currency converter code

I need help with the following.

On MY JAVASCRIPT CODE I need num4 to use the currency automatically for ZAR using USD (1$=14.01 ZAR) using the CURRENCY SCRIPT, but not sure how to do it. see currency converter code.
So when the currency exhage chage it must show it in my html code, using num4 from my code.
my Javascript

        function multiply1(){
            var num3 = document.getElementById("result").value.replace(/,/g,''); //remove any commas
            var num4 = document.getElementById("zar").value;
            var result1 = num3 * num4;
            document.getElementById("result1").value = result1.toLocaleString('en-US',{ maximumFractionDigits: 8 });
            document.getElementById("result1").style.color = "red";
            document.getElementById("result1").style.fontWeight = "900";

Currency converter code

<script>function reloadFnAj0a2vV(){ var sc = document.getElementById('scFnAj0a2vV');if (sc) sc.parentNode.removeChild(sc);sc = document.createElement('script');sc.type = 'text/javascript';sc.charset = 'UTF-8';sc.async = true;'scFnAj0a2vV';sc.src = ',FEEEBD,494437,817865,FFFFFF,D19405,FECE2F,383838,000000&title=Currency%20Converter&tzo=-120';var div = document.getElementById('gcw_mainFnAj0a2vV');div.parentNode.insertBefore(sc, div);} reloadFnAj0a2vV(); </script> 

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