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I have created app with ReactJS, Redux based currency app. You can signup, login, buy and sell currencies, see your currencies in charts, also you can see daily currencies rate and convert them to other currencies. I want to show it when I apply for jobs. I don’t know it is enough for junior reactjs developer for applying by this project to jobs. I need some feedback, and I am open for your suggestions.
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The first thing I noticed is that there is always a horizontal scroll bar no matter the width of my browser. Granted, it doesn’t scroll much but it should not be there.

Second, is there a way to log in with a test account? Not many people are going to want to register for an account just to test your app.

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@bbsmooth actually registration process is so easy.You don’t need to write your mail or other staff. Only write your name and register. But anyway I have to create test account.

What do you mean by always horizontal scroll bar . Can you show it by picture or other staff

I’ve tested this in both Firefox and Chrome and there is a horizontal scroll bar at all times. Like I said, it doesn’t scroll much, but it is there. Are you not seeing it?

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ok you mean that I think. Ok I will fix it . Thanks for your feedback

Hmm, I can’t tell from that image you posted whether we are talking about the same thing. I’m talking about the scroll bar at the very bottom of the browser window that scrolls left/right. As I said, it doesn’t scroll much, so maybe it isn’t as obvious? But it does scroll a little and it probably shouldn’t be there.

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ok I saw it is at the bottom

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