Current FCC certification aproach

Hi! I want to ask something. I read that by the end of 2020 the FCC certifications will be changed to a “projects” aproach.

When this happens i will not be able to do the “old” (current) certifications? I am now ending the first one “Responsive web design certification 300hs” and i want to do the next 5 at least (5 x 300hs i would spent some month there!).

I like the current aproach so my question is, When available the new “project” aproach, i wouldn’t be able to continue with the current one? Must I hurry up to do them???

the current certifications will stay, for what has been said, what changes is the challenges that prepare for the mandatory projects: instead of being disjointed challenges, it will teach stuff and at the same time show how the stuff can be useful by building something guided step by guided step

one of the reasons is that people have lamented arriving to the mandatory projects at the end and then not knowing what to do, how to start a project
an other is to bring everything to current standards and best practices

if the new project based curriculum is released while you are progressing, you can start the new curriculum wherever you want or just to the projects (which are the only mandatory part of each certificate)

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Thanks for answer. So if i understad you well… The step by step challanges that is now stablished in the actual chalenges will disapear?

I am asking because i like this aproach. I dont know if the “project” aproach will be better (at least for me). I think is a better idea keep the current ones and add the new ones. So everybody could do the current aproach “step by step” then go do the “project” aproach with the new challanges and then do the mandatory projects. If someone that has 0 knowledge programming want to start programming i think is better the step by step in comparation with the “project” aproach. In my case, i think doing both is the best option.

My understanding of what is known is this

The teaching segments you enjoy will be there, they just aren’t part of the certification. You get the certification from doing the projects, but all the teaching resources will stay, just possibly be tweaked to put a focus on how you will apply these concepts to the projects.

I think this will end up being better for most people, as it seems to be a very common situation on all “learn to code” resources. They call it “tutorial hell”, where you follow tutorial after tutorial and it never seems to “click” how to apply the simple concepts to larger projects.

More projects is the best solution, imo. Get your hands on the keys more often and think about what you have recently learned.

I have no real information but I hope the final product looks like this:

You have the teaching challenges like you have now, but every few lessons you get a mini-project that forces you to apply what you just learned. So, for example, the first certification is “Responsive Web design”, which has 7 teaching sections and a final projects section. I would love it if there were 2-5 mini-projects per section, and each of these mini-projects works together to help you basically get a step by step guide on how to do the first project. This would give a more full picture on how to start from scratch on a second project, ideally one that isn’t too complicated to help us build our confidence, and then the third project is the first “real project”. Repeat this pattern for each certification.

This, in my view, would help ease people in making the transition from learning to applying what you have learned.

The certification projects will be the same (with possibly some new user stories added). The existing curriculum lessons will be replaced by practice projects that will introduce the same concepts/syntax learned in the current curriculum’s lessons. The difference is that you will be building a project from start to finish while learning the concepts/syntax.

As far as the existing lessons, they may exist somewhere on the site, but more as a supplemental resource.

Also, just like the current lessons, the new practice projects will not be required to complete to obtain the certifications. You will still only have to complete the certification projects for the actual certifications. However, we will still highly recommend you work through the practice projects before starting the certification projects.

My advice is to keep working through the existing curriculum lessons as the project-based curriculum will only be launched when it is ready. When it is ready, there will probably be multiple big announcements when the launch is close.

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Many thanks for your answer! I think what you said is very reasonable, i like that. But i dont know if that would be the final “aproach” given by FCC.

I read in the forum that current aproach maybe has a GAP between the challange and the mandatory projects (i didnt notice that yet because i am ending the last challages of the first module of 300hs). For me would be a beter solution for this GAP to do what you say, ==> current teaching challeges + example mini projects at the end ==> and then the mandatory projects.

Many thanks for answering!

Yes please! Dont delete them forever! I want to do them all, but i dont know if i will have enought time if they are delated in the next months.

Can you give an aproxi date for this? 1 month? 3 month? 5 month?

No date has been given yet.

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