Current project for sorting app

Shoutout Shaux for the idea
I am creating a app that creates groups when people fill out a form. Every time someone fills out the form their name should be added to the card with a max of 10 people. It should automatically create a new card once the previous one is full. Once the card is full the app should be able to send out a email to everyone in the card letting them know their group is ready.

Ive already got this functionality built out and connected to a google form. Now im just working on the design.

Let me know if you are interested below.

Perhaps including a feature which allows campers to create groups with one another so that they can collaborate on a project and work together.

If a user, finds a set of people who they feel that they can work well together with or is around the same skill level, creating a group can help them develop closer relationships with them.

Excited to see more ideas down below! :smile: :wink:

Hi @shaux

What then prevents them from using messengers etc?

Im not quite sure what you mean.

Why do the campers need to create groups via FCC instead of using services like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Viber in order to communicate and work on their own project?

@timagixe Yes, but keeping those features inside FCC could help make FCC more versatile for developers. It could also allow features like creating posts or links that directly connect to FCC projects or challenges.