Curriculum Help


Just started the curriculum about 6 days ago. I’ve completed the basic challenges for Basic HTML and CSS, finished the 1st project for Responsive Web Design and am about to start the Build a Survey Form.

Some of the criteria for this project is to have an HTML5 error if email/number format is entered incorrectly. I do not recall seeing this lesson in the HTML/CSS challenges, maybe I just overlooked it by going to too fast. Could someone point me to the right lesson(s) in the curriculum? Thank you.

There are different form input types; some provide basic validation. Maybe that will solve the problem.
Look here and find the one that deals with e-mail inputs:

Maybe you are going too fast; maybe you aren’t. Are you trying to create your own examples of the challenges or just do the challenge and move on to the next? Can you recreate the challenge yourself without referring to the challenge? Practice is so important for learning. After all, nothing is fully learnt until you can do it without looking at a reference. I used to just jump from challenge to challenge, but ended up not really knowing how to do anything without going back and learning it again.

My project is not good but I think it help you some problem.