Curriculum Javascript DOM(Document Object Modal)

I was reading the Curriculum “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures”, and I couldn’t find the Document Object Modal in the Syllabus. Can you please help me to find the DOM in the Syllabus???

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Some of it is in the jQuery block , React block, most of D3.js block uses the DOM, and some is in the JSON APIs and AJAX block.

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What About Vanilla Javascript DOM???
Isn’t that important for companies or should I skip to learn it?

I encourage you to look over the lessons in those blocks. Many do include vanilla DOM manipulation (e.g.

I have never seen a job description asking for vanilla DOM manipulation. They either just expect experience with JavaScript/Node, or they require a frontend library (e.g. React). So, I would not put much emphasis on specifically learning it. That is, if you keep practicing and learning, it just naturally comes up.

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Thanks for clearing the doubt, I will definitely learn as this will help me to learn Javascript Framework.
Thanks Once again for helping me out.

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