Curriculum not on 100%

"“Basic HTML and HTML5"” is ““Not Passed”” because ““Use the value attribute with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes”” doesn’t actually ‘complete’.

I complete it 3 times and it shows: ““Basic HTML and HTML5
100% complete””

but in the curriculum its not complete.

but in the curriculum is not complete. ergo: curriculum not on 100%

did you also press “Submit”?

yes. obviously.

so you press “Submit and go to the next challenge”, and once you return to the challenge list that one is not completed?

have you tried clearing your browser cache?

didnt work.
ill try this tho:

Question: I am getting an error message when trying to login or save my progress.

Answer: If you are getting an error that says: 'Oops! Something went wrong, Please try again in a moment.' , you have a duplicate account with the same email address or username. Please send an email to our support team: , who will manually merge or remove the duplicate account.