The page of curriculum regularly stop working (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) and in that moment page with exercises freezing and make new blank after submitting. In the same time all other pages (welcome page, my settings, forum…) continue to reload successfully.
Chrome version 69.0.3497.100 (the last). uBlock is inactive.
I don’t have any other problems with internet connection with websites.

Please, help to solve this problem. This problem makes breaks in study often.

Recently the core team has been working behind the scenes to reoganize and move things around. This has caused sporradic connection issues.

Thank you, ArielLeslie.

It makes sense.

Disable the Antivirus of your PC and then check the problem here you’ll get the correct procedure to resolve this issue.

Hello, khloewhelan,

I haven’t any antivirus on the Mac. And uBlock is turn-off.

I still have this problem. This is means I have a few breaks each time when I use curriculum.

I have the same problem. When can we learn
coding?when curriculum will be ok?

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@maria_coding and @Yelfiika - I see that both of you are in Russia. We have had problems in the past with Russian internet service providers blocking Free Code Camp. Could you please create a GitHub Issue with information such as how long you have been seeing this problem and what your ISP is?

To access Free Code Camp, you can try using a proxy service to get around region blocks.

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Hello! Thank you very much for such a quick response. I’ve resolved the problem through Opera browser . Ih has build-in VPN, I just switched on it on the settings. Hope, my experience will help other members. Should I create a GitHub Issue with information about duration of this problem and ISP?

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Yes please. There are members of of the core team that have experience investigating these issues.
I’m glad that you’re able to get to FCC!

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