Curriculum pages not loading on pc

Hi There,

When I try to open a bullet point from the curriculum, for example the responsive web design projects, it never loads.

I can click curriculum, go to responsive web design, look at the descriptions of the different courses (such as HTML, CSS etc) but when I try to open a specific bullet point, it just loads forever.

I’m not having problems with any other web pages that I’ve visited today, and I can access everything from my phone (but it would be a pain to try to write code from my phone).

Would really appreciate any ideas on what is causing this/how to fix it. I’ve updated and restarted my computer (running Ubuntu) and confirmed that chrome is updated. I’ve also allowed cookies and logged out and back in again with both google and github.

Apologies if this is something stupid on my end, and many thanks in advance

the other thing that comes to mind is to clear your browser cache and cookies

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wow that was fast, thanks.

Feeling a bit silly but at least I can get on with things :sweat_smile: