Curriculum progress view troubleshooting

Hi I am doing the “Learn SQL by building a student database”. When I click on the grey ribbon to open the curriculum I am constantly being redirected to CodeAlly and then to VSC editor. How can I stop the auto redirect to VSC and see my curriculum progress?
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I am not sure I can imagine what you are seeing: “gray ribbon”?
Can you post a screenshot of what you are clicking?

Please see the ss here. thanks

What happens when you click the button?

You should be taken to a fCC webpage which has a description of the course and a button “Start the course”. Are you able to get that far?

Yes, after clicking on “start the course”, I then get the green “CodeAlly” button as a only option, and then VSC.

Ah okay. This is the expected behaviour. (So it is working as designed).

What did you think you would be able to do or see instead?

I see. My progress is missing so I don’t have a compass of what I have done and what comes next.

Can you explain what you mean by “my progress is missing”?

Progress is when you complete a lesson and it gets tracked. In the example above 9 means I have completed 9 parts. 52 is the total number of parts I need to finish to have the lesson completed.

But this image has nothing to do with what we are discussing?
Can you please explain what you meant by “my progress is missing” with respect to the specific topic here? (that is, what and where is the progress missing? On what webpage for example?)

Yes, the image shows what is progress according to FreeCodeCamp. Obviously I took the image from another tutorial (Responsive Web Design) where the feature is working properly, so to show you where the bug is into the “Learn SQL by building a student database” tutorial.

my friend, not every course shows progress the same way.

As I mentioned, the buttons are working as designed. If you can clarify what kind of progress you were hoping to see, maybe then we can move forward in this discussion.
(when you are in one of those codeAlly courses, you get regular updates on how far along you are in the specific course based on a percentage value. I assume this was not what you meant by ‘missing progress’. The other ‘progress’ available on the relationship db course page is completion check marks which show up next to each course when you complete it. Hopefully that is working for you and if not, please review the troubleshooting guide pinned to the top of the relational db course page)

If there is something I’ve misunderstood, let me know.

If you believe it works as designed we can close this topic.
Many thanks

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