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Hi, I apologize if this is not a real issue.
On these projects, the Glitch boilerplate/GitHub boilerplate, are not just boilerplates, they are the final result of the project, in fact inserting the link to the glitch boilerplate and testing it, passes all the tests. I don’t know if someone merged his project to the master branch or what’s the issue.

This is the first project:

As you can see, it’s not a boilerplate, but it’s the final result.

Am I missing something?


Looking at the boilerplate, it does not appear to be a completed project. The reason it is passing the tests is due to the tests for some of the back-end projects still being built. :slight_smile:

Ok you are right, I checked, my bad :slight_smile:

I’ve been confused by the fact that the first project link on Glitch is broken :slight_smile:

Anyway I keep asking myself if it’s normal that the boilerplate itself passes the tests.

Some of the back-end tests will work as intended. Others are still under construction. I believe @Sky020 is spear-heading that effort and may be able to provide more information.

Until the tests are completed, however, it is up to you to ensure your project passes all of the user stories. :slight_smile: It is not normal, or intended, for the boilerplate to pass the submission, and submitting it would not be in compliance with the Academic Integrity Policy, so I do recommend building the project as intended. :smiley:


Hello @KaiserP,

@nhcarrigan is correct. I cannot say much more than that. The tests for many of the projects have not been created/merged:

For the Metric Imperial Converter, there is a PR open to include some of the tests. However, we would still welcome another PR to include all the necessary tests.

Thanks @nhcarrigan and @Sky020 for the info provided and for taking time to answer me.

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