Curriculum Questions

Hello, I Started freecodecamp @2016 and it is now that i’m finishing the responsive certification. And I saw that in the curriculm, bootstrap and J query are mark as i finish all those challenges and I Don’t remember doing that. Thoughts?

maybe somebody used your pc to learn bootstrap and j query and as your accont is already loged in so… it shows as you did those exercises.

or u forgot to logout your fcc account in one of the compters u used

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In 2016 all those parts were under the Front End Certification. Later it was divided into 3 categories (1) Responsive web design (2) JavaScript Algorithm and Data Structures (3) Front End Libraries. So your progress made in 2016 has been distributed category wise under any of these sections. If you forgot what you had done, better to revise it.


Thank you very much, I was thinking that but wasn’t sure!!

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